Hi Team, 

Thanks for a great first session, it's so exciting to have folks from MIT, Harvard, edX and beyond learning together in the same space. Everything you need is at mitmassive.org--syllabus, assignments, etc., but I'll send these regular missives to help keep us organized. 

For next week you have five challenges and one option:

  1. Get your domain and Known blog set up, and send one post or status update to the community.mitmassive.org hub
  2. Get a Twitter account and tweet something to
  3. Write a draft of your Network Participation Rubric 
  4. Grad students: write a short proposal for your annotated bibliography
  5. Do the readings, viewings, and activities for next week

BONUS: MOOC Lightning Talk: The people in the room just have some extraordinary experience with making, producing, taking, and analyzing MOOCs. If anyone wants to share any of their experience, wonderings, questions, or insights in class with a 5-7 minute lightning talk, I'd welcome your contribution. Just email me (jreich at mit dot edu) and I'll put you on the agenda. 

Getting Connected

If you are taking this class, you get a free domain and Known blog! Guidelines for getting it set up are here. Please do so. 

You should also set up a Twitter account, and send at least one tweet to to say hello. (These slides from my friend Greg Kulowiec offer some useful suggestions for thinking about using Twitter in education.) 

Remember, you do have to create these accounts, but you are free to use a psuedonym. Talk to me if you want suggestions about this. 

***If you need help, we are offering three sets of office hours!*** 

  • Friday 10:30-11:30am - To serve our Harvard colleagues, Chris is going to be in Gutman Cafe
  • Friday 1:00-3:00pm- I'll be in my office, E34-Room 366
  • Wednesday 9:00-10:30am-I'll be on the sixth floor of E14 for the 90 minutes before class on Wednesday

Please drop by and visit us any of these times to get help with tech, ideas for assignments, or just to hang out and talk!

Planning for Term Assignments

Due Wednesday, you'll need to write a first draft of your Networked Participation Rubric. What would be the ideal participatory assignments for you for this class? How could you best help you and your colleagues learn? Ideally, you'd complete the assignment in a Google doc or something similar, and then post on your blog, but feel free to just email me if you prefer. 

If you are taking the course for graduate credit, please also post on your blog or email me with a ~1 page description of a topic that you'd like to explore for your annotated bibliography. Please use this opportunity to advance your academic trajectory!

Readings, Watchings and Doings for Week 2

All of the Required and Rabbit Hole (optional) readings are available on the syllabus for Session 2

There are readings from Andrew Ho, me, and colleagues, from Fiona Hollands, a video from me, and I'd encourage you, if you've never taken an edX or Coursera MOOC before, to sign up for one and look around. 

Getting Caught Up

If you missed today's class or the readings for today, you can find it all on the syllabus. Under the resources for Session 1, there are among other things, the slides from today as well as the required and recommended readings. 

  • Reich, J. A rough draft introduction to Massive: The Future of Learning at Scale. Link.
  • Siemens, G. (2004) Connectivism: A learning theory for the digital age. elearnspace. Link
  • Cormier, D. What is a MOOC? Link
  • Syndey Pressey Demonstrates the Teaching Machine (1964) Link (to zip file) (Funny Parody)  

That's All!

I'm so excited to be learning with you all for the next few months. If you have questions, thoughts, concerns, or ideas, please shoot me an email jreich at mit dot edu or message me on Twitter at @bjfr. See you next week!